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3/26 midday newsletter....NEWT remains a steady, eddy to the upside....QTWW under 2.50 on firming following pullback from 4...


CERE seeing bullish news following recent comments:

3/25: We mentioned to focus on pullbacks just under .40 with CERE.....Going agains’t our call some as it pulls back futher following runup from .20 to .55 in Feb/subsequent establishment of a higher low near .30, and then a second run to mid .40s in March......While could technicals could imply a head & shoulders senario, will be keeping close eye on, none the less for another hold in lower / mid 30s

CERE Ceres Accelerates Sugarcane Trait Development Following Positive Field Results at PR Newswire Thu 7:45am

Ceres, Inc. (CERE)

AWGI another we made comments on yesterday following breakout.....added 2% from yesterdays quote

3/14 AWGI no let up...Focus on holding 02 after doubling to .04 in last wk

AWGI Ambient Water to Sell Commercial Systems to Malaysian Oil & Gas Companies at Marketwired Thu 3:01am

Recall an interesting tout we forwarded on FLXP on 3/24...Interesting how it teetered flatline....

Flex-Power Inc. (FLXP)

Last we spoke .monitor dips back at 2.50 with QTWW as turnaround developing on news from last friday along with pullback from 4 / attractive risk/reward at current levels...Debating a position actually under 2.50..

QTWW 04:00pm EDT 2.45 -0.10 -3.92% 2.40 2.60 131,383 341,823 68.3M Sparkline Chart

MEEC recently doubled to .80...still for turnaround onupcoming EPA mandate April 15th.

Rebuilding firmly off of .60 in last wk or so...

patent is going to resolve the mandate for several big name companies

hearing their best-of-breed mercury remediation technology won 41 out of 42 head-to-head technology competitions more: http://bit.ly/1zPVzpO

NEWT has been steadily climbing from 14 to 19s in last two months....With the dividend increase news last wk, a hunch todays earnings will back that increase...

NEWT Q4 2014 Newtek Business Services Corp Earnings Release - Before Market Open at CCBN Thu 7:07am

NEWT 04:00pm EDT 19.64 +0.43 +2.24% 19.20 19.95 384,103 85,933 148.636M Sparkline Chart

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 9:33 PM - Permalink

3/26 VHUB turnaround developing near .02 Ran from .01 to .05 earlier in 2015 on strong earnings/bullish forecast....Gaining rapid market share in 'Vaping' industry....Profitable

Vapor Hub International Inc. (VHUB)-Other OTC

Last: .02

Time to re-examine VHUB given rapidly increasing Vapor market share

Noticing a solid turnaround developing in the stock in the last week-plus back above .02 following run from 01 to 05 earlier in the year

The news has been constant in the last month:

Vapor Hub International CEO Interviewed By The Stock RadioPR Newswire(Wed, Mar 25)

Mr. Winther details the history of the Company, explaining that it was one of the very first e-cigarette companies in 2008. He explains the transitions the Company has undergone, including developing its own devices.

"We are staying ahead of the market by providing products at popular price points," VHUB's CEO said. "Our sales team has been instructed to capitalize on the consumer demand for the products we are currently selling. We are dedicated to innovation and superior customer service."

Mr. Winther said VHUB is working to improve its market cap to the level that corresponds to the quality of the Company. "We are telling our excellent story in many different forums, using every avenue possible to keep shareholders informed and to attract new investors. Stock Radio invited us back and this was not a paid interview.

Vapor Hub International Names Sales ManagerPR Newswire(Thu, Mar 19) This new sales manager has a hell of a track record Vapor Hub International Launches New Marketing CampaignPR Newswire(Tue, Mar 17) Vapor Hub International Launches New Sleeve Design: Multiple Colors, LogosPR Newswire(Thu, Mar 12) Vapor Hub International Opening New Luxurious Vaping Lounge in Simi Valley; Model for Franchising or LicensingPR Newswire(Tue, Mar 10) Vapor Hub International CEO Kyle Winther In Letter to Shareholders Discusses Company's FuturePR Newswire(Thu, Mar 5) This shareholder letter earlier in the month was quite detailef smf highly informative while reminding they turned a profit in the last qtr

....details the history of the Company, explaining that it was one of the very first e-cigarette companies in 2008. He explains the transitions the Company has undergone, including developing its own devices.

"We are staying ahead of the market by providing products at popular price points," VHUB's CEO said. "Our sales team has been instructed to capitalize on the consumer demand for the products we are currently selling. We are dedicated to innovation and superior customer service."

Mr. Winther said VHUB is working to improve its market cap to the level that corresponds to the quality of the Company. "We are telling our excellent story in many different forums, using every avenue possible to keep shareholders informed and to attract new investors. Stock Radio invited us back and this was not a paid interview. .....proud that, less than one year after emerging as a public company, we were able to post a profitable quarter with $1.3 million in revenue.

Vapor Hub International Launches New Website: Products, Company Facts FeaturedPR Newswire(Mon, Mar 2)

Notice the solid base building since / constant accumulation just under 02

Aside from the company itself, consider the rapidly growing sector itself

VHUB is a company is on the cutting edge of this new industry. We design, source, market and sell what is proving to be the next generation of smokeless electronic cigarettes, popularly known as "vaping" devices. Our products are sold nationally and internationally to both wholesale and retail customers, as well as on our website: www.vapor-hub.com. In recent news releases, which we urge you to view on our web site, we have discussed the launch of our new battery product, which we believe is superior to other brands; our Ar Cannon vape mod device, a unique and very popular product; and our new Limitless Mod, an affordable, high performing and customizable vaping device.

According to some analysts, our new industry, electronic cigarettes, will outsize the current tobacco industry in a half-dozen years.

Reminding on a newsletter profile we sent out earlier in the month

From: Greenbackers

Sent: Monday, March 2, 2015 7:37 AM

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 11:14 AM - Permalink

MEEC recent doubling/strengthening its arsonel w/new highly influential board member......TNKE breakout........PROP latter breaking news...


Yesterday we mentioned TNKE’s earnings rpt/initial blip.....As if delayed reaction....viable turnaround candidate..

TNKE 11:32am EST 0.0011 +0.0004 +57.14% 0.0009 0.0012 15,296,453 6,574,080 - Sparkline Chart Chart, News, Stats, Options, Board

PROP flexing once again as it’s been doing in low .20s since runup from .14 following investment....

PROP 11:38am EST 0.22 +0.00 +2.33% 0.20 0.22 36,551 194,435 - Sparkline Chart Chart, News, Stats, Options, Board

PROP Cavitation Technologies receives Nano Reactor(R) System Sale in South Korea at GlobeNewswire Thu 11:05am

MEEC Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. Further Strengthens Its Board of Directors at Marketwired Thu 9:00am

MEEC flat at moment....Building a solid base near .70 following recent doubling frm .40 to .80......Stay abreast as will be spreading the word on recent developments here upcoming/will be doing a all out campaign blitz into monday morning on the stock. Might wanna take a moment to examine www.nbtequitiesresearch.com for their research report on the stock....

OF the news below, surprised to see PWDY slightly down at moment, however looking to climb back above flatline on above avg vol...

PWDY 11:20am EST 0.0026 -0.0001 -3.70%

PSID PositiveID Announces First Firefly Dx Testing and Delivery of Positive PCR Results Within 20 Minutes at GlobeNewswireThu 8:30am

MNGA MagneGas Announces Panelists for World Water Day Summit at the UN at PR Newswire Thu 8:00am

VHUB Vapor Hub International Launches New Sleeve Design: Multiple Colors, Logos at PR Newswire Thu 7:53am

PWDY Powerdyne Enters Into Five-Year Contract With Farmacia Brisas del Mar at Marketwired Thu 7:45am

ECRY Ecrypt Enters Into Global Marketing and Sales Agreement for DeconGel(TM) at Marketwired Thu 7:30am

PSID PositiveID Poised To Carve Out Its Share of the $27.4 Billion Global Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Market in 2015: Analyst Report Issued by Small Cap IR at PR Newswire Thu 7:00am

ECRY best chart examining on our main focus list,

eCrypt Technologies, Inc. (ECRY)-OTC BB

0.04 Up 0.01(28.78%) 12:29PM EDT

Prev Close: 0.03

Open: 0.03

Bid: N/A

Ask: N/A

1y Target Est: N/A

Beta: N/A

Next Earnings Date: N/A

Day's Range: 0.03 - 0.04

52wk Range: 0.03 - 0.59

Volume: 2,737,530

Avg Vol (3m): 1,184,720

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 11:33 AM - Permalink

PROP strong advancing on 15 mil investment from prominent name....0.23 Up 0.03(16.36%) 3:59PM EST......Huge vote of confidence on their breakthrough oil capture technology..Winning over Fracking opponents

Below is a recent newsletter profile on PROP we sent to premium subscribers at www.greenbackers.com .

Last: 0.0230+0.0027 (+13.30%) (OTHER OTC)

From: Greenbackers

Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 12:48 PM

To: Greenbackers

Subject: Expanding on PROP folowing recent investment....Jumped 20% yesterday/still going............Growing Revenue and Pipeline on their breakthough oil capture technology from problem wells.

PROP has been staging a solid turnaround since announcing a major, major investment from very deep pockets.....This is a tremendous vote of confidence on the company and their technology.....Keeping it simple, but necessary to relay an NBT article on the news as it expands on the magnitude of just how big this investment is for them.

PROP 02:19pm EST 0.1997 +0.0072 +3.74% 0.19 0.205 377,828 144,838 - Sparkline Chart Chart, News, Stats, Options, Board

Customize Chart

Take note, we will be expanding on the this news as well as other in a mass mailer to our greater databases tomorrow before the pre mkt, In addition to posting at various

$15 Million Investment into Propell Technologies (PROP) by $Billionaire Abramovich is a Complete Game-Changer

By Tobin Smith | February 25, 2015, 2:45pm GMT

Oilprice.com reported on the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich investing $15 million into Houston-based Propell Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC:PROP) and its new fracking technology from wholly owned subsidiary Novas Energy.

It appears that Abramovich…who made most of his billions investing in Russian oil company Sibneft (now Gazprom)…is excited about what PROP’s patented Plasma Pulse Technology means for “clean” hydraulic micro/nano fracturing of oil reservoirs—that is, without injecting huge amounts of water and polluting chemicals.

First, who is Roman Abramovich? He is Russian oil & metals magnate now living in London/New York/Miami who also happens to also own the Chelsea football club (soccer ok?). He is the 143rd wealthiest person in the world and is worth about $9 billion, according. He is the main owner of UK-registered Millhouse LLC, a private investment company whose assets have included major stakes in stakes in Sibneft, which is now Gazprom Neft. In 2005, Millhouse sold a 72% stake in Sibneft to Gazprom for more than $13 billion.

Key Point: His investment vehicle Cyprus-registered

Ervington Investments Limited does NOT do small deals. When you are worth $9 billion you need $billion deals to move the needle.

So why does Abramovich mess with a (relatively) puny $40M market cap company like Propell? His two homes in NYC (he is buying the house in the middle too) and his mega-yachtEclipseinvestments make the PROP deal look like pocket change.

As Oilprice.com reported “This will not merely be a $15 million investment,” said one source close to the deal. “You have to read between the lines here. Abramovich doesn’t do anything small. He’ll get the infrastructure in place and then look to acquire a significant position in the US oil sector at today’s fire sale prices. We’ll probably be looking at hundreds of millions in investment at the end of the day.”

For Abramovich, this deal is not merely a whim: The billionaire is a strategic investor who has quite profitably invested in a number of energy technology companies. Abramovich—again through Ervington--is the largest shareholder in AIM-listed AFC Energy , which is working to commercialize clean fuel cell technology. He has also invested in Oxford Catalysts, which is close to commercializing the GreenSky London Project to supply renewable jet fuel made from London’s household waste. The system is to be used by British Airways to create fuel for its planes. London-based Weedingtech—which makes herbicide-free weed killer—and AIM-listed Clean Air Power are also among Abramovich’s strategic energy investments.

As Oilvoice.com reports this “ Propell investment may be his most strategic—on two fronts.

On the first front, we have increasing controversy surrounding fracking in the US.

While Denton , for instance, is just a small town and the ban on fracking is only within the city limits, this small-town vote has much larger implications. This was where the shale revolution kicked off, and banning fracking here could snowball and empower other anti-fracking movements and efforts.

The state of California is also gearing up for stringent new regulations that are set to take effect in July.

Plasma Pulse Technology foregoes toxic chemicals and harnesses plasma pulses that would once have been reminiscent of science fiction weaponry. It may indeed be a weapon of sorts—one that could bring the industry and environmentalists together finally.

PROP’s Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT) is deemed to be an environmentally friendly way to clear clogging sedimentation from well drainage areas to allow the oil and gas to flow. The technology uses vibrations, or electrically generated plasma impulses to reduce viscosity, increase permeability and improve the flow of oil and gas to the surface for extraction.

And this is where we find the ‘second front’: The Plasma Pulse technology is not only designed to be environmentally friendly; it is also designed to increase production and reduce.

As reported by PROP the average increase in production for the initial 27 US wells treated with plasma pulse technology is 295%. The company is also reportedly working versions of its plasma pulse tool for horizontal shale wells and much shallower water wells as well.

Abramovich will be getting in very early in this game, which would allow him.....Read More:


Bottom Line: This is extremely significant news for PROP. Investors should seriously consider 10-20% pullbacks, given the newfound insterest on the heels of - not just the investment, but the individual who is making it.

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 5:05 AM - Permalink

MCWEF .58 Debate another run to a buck like it did Nov and Dec as a result of company pr this week....Producing oil @ 28 bucks a barrel One of the very with ability to make money on low oil prices.

Below is an updated profile report on MCWEF from www.greenbackers.com

Debate another run with MCWEF to a buck like it late December following more bullish news as the stock is placing greater emphasis on producing oil @ 28 bucks a barrel (Nearly half of what the BP's of the industry are doing).

“One of the very few oil companies with ability to make money on low oil consumer costs.”

“Set to go commerical”

Has a history of jumping back at/above 1.00. Twice in last qtr 2014...Look for history to repeat in first half of 2015


$38.74 -$0.14 -0.36%


$0.60 +$0.01 +2.05%

We profiled MCWEF in latter part of 2014...stock ran from similar levels to nearly a buck following....Then we discussed producing oil at half the cost of the majors.

In addition, we see recent, bullish company press releases driving right back to those levels with a little investor patience.

First, the news this week that sparked flexing especially given they are about to go commerical with their initial extraction.

MCWEF MCW Energy Group Projects a Windfall Reduction in Its Oil Sands Processing Costs Down to $ 28.00 USD Barrel as a Result of Slumping World Oil Prices at Marketwired Tue 9:30am est

....Unlike the high production costs and lower energy efficiency levels associated with the mega oil sands projects in Alberta, MCW is in a unique position to take advantage of this unexpected 'silver lining' of lower petroleum product prices," stated MCW's CTO, Dr. Vladimir Podlipskiy.....

......."Not only have we reduced the costs of these components by 18%, we've also enhanced the automation of our proprietary extraction process, which effectively reduces our labour costs by 20%." .....MCW is currently preparing to commence production with its initial extraction plant in Asphalt Ridge, Utah this month.....

NBT Equities followed ucp with a reported that dove into the real specifics and what i

MCW Energy Group (MCWEF) Projects Windfall Reduction in Oil Sands Costs to $28 per Barrel

By Tobin Smith | January 27, 2015, 1:13pm GMT

MCW's oil sands processing costs have now been projected downwards to $ 28.00 USD per barrel, mainly due to lower costs of the petroleum products being used in the extraction process, such as solvent blends, diesel fuel, liquefied propane, heating oil and natural gas condensates.

All of these energy/processing component prices have fallen in tandem with the current dramatic fall in world oil prices. Condensate prices are down 50%. Solvent blend, diesel fuel and propane prices are down an average of 40%.

"Unlike the high production costs and lower energy efficiency levels associated with the mega oil sands projects in Alberta, MCW is in a unique position to take advantage of this unexpected ....

Key Point: At @$28 CAPEX/OPEX cost per barrel of light sweet crude oil (@32 API) for MCWEF vs. $40-$60 per barrel processing costs for much of the Canadian oil sands heavy crude production (which also sells at 20-30% discount to WTI crude oil due to higher transportation and processing costs) and/or recently developed shale oil resources, we estimate MCW’s Utah per barrel oil production is more profitable than 95% of shale oil being produced and virtually 100% of existing oil sands production.

Really Key Point: With their 5000 barrel a day production coming on line in 2016/2017…investors have to use 2016 WTI futures pricing (currently $62.72) to come up with cash flow forecasts. In addition, MCWEF’s 5000 barrel a day plant plan includes the purchase of the Temple Mountain oil sands lease as part of the plant development project.

We estimate.... Read more: http://www.nbtequitiesresearch.com/report/mcw-energy-group-mcwef-projects-windfall-reduction-in-oil-sands-costs-to-28-per-barrel

Earlier in the month was another, quite bullish article on them:

Is MCW Oil Sands The Lowest Cost Unconventional Oil Play In North America?Accesswire(Tue, Jan 6)

Now the technicals:

First, the stock has been building a healthy base around .60 since it’s last runup to a buck late Dec.

If you go back a little further, the stock shows intermediate term support around .60 as well following two solid runups at/above 1, only this time it is forming a higher low around .60 instead of .50.

Bottom Line: With a much more convincing abiilty to produce oil at half the cost news...And the ongoing support at current levels / consistent ability to jump right back to a buck, the risk/reward here quite appealing. Debate buy/holding this one right back to a buck into early 2015.

Below is a the report we discussed above on MCWEF back late Dec prior to a subsequent runup to 1.


Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2014 12:42 PM

Subject: Examining MCWEF on followthrough 0.65 Up 0.04(6.56%) Producing oil at 50% less then Oil Sand Majors


We said to watch for carryover with MCWEF....The follow through has been fairly solid so far....Examine for new footing in lower .60s

MCW Energy Group Limited (MCWEF)-Other OTC

0.65 Up 0.04(6.56%) 11:56AM EST

Day's Range: 0.6050 - 0.6810

52wk Range: 0.44 - 1.52

Volume: 59,512

Avg Vol (3m): 39,664

Market Cap: 29.89M

MCWEF MCW Energy Group Details Further Progress of Its Initial Oil Sands Extraction Plant in Utah at Marketwired Mon 9:30am

CBS Money Watch Article Lauds MCW Energy Group's Breakthrough Oil Sands Extraction Technology & MCW Announces Participation in LD Micro Conference, Los Angeles, December 2nd - 4th, 2014Marketwired(Tue, Nov 25)

'MCW Energy Group's Projected Oil Sands Extraction Production Costs Compare Favourably to Alberta Oil Sands' Average,' According to Bloomberg's Business Week ArticleMarketwired(Thu, Nov 20)

Breakthrough Technology in Utah to Make Oil Sands CleanAccesswire(Thu, Nov 20)

Sky Is The Limit For New Utah Oil Sands TechAccesswire(Wed, Oct 22)

MCW Energy Group's Initial Oil Sands Extraction Plant Now Poised for Production; Chairman Announces Phase #2 Expansion Plan Including 5,000 Barrel/Day (Est.) Plant in Ashpalt Ridge, UtahMarketwired(Thu, Oct 9)

MCW Energy Group Successfully Demonstrates Its Proprietary Oil Sands Extraction Technology in Vernal, Utah, Moves Forward With Required Procedures Prior to ProductionMarketwired(Tue, Oct 7)

MCW Energy Group Announces Shares for Debt TransactionsMarketwired(Fri, Oct 3)

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 9:46 AM - Permalink

01/27 Track MCWEF on the news


We profiled MCWEF in latter part of 2014...stock ran from .70s to near 1 following....Recall producing oil at half the cost of the majors....Re-examine back at .58

MCWEF MCW Energy Group Projects a Windfall Reduction in Its Oil Sands Processing Costs Down to $ 28.00 USD Barrel as a Result of Slumping World Oil Prices at Marketwired Tue 9:30am



NBT profiling ORGS regarding news yesterday: RE: grant they received to assist funding for their diabetes cure..Their breakthrough approach eliminates the need for insulin shots..Last fall the stock ran from .40 to a buck on similiar news...Now that is back @ ongoing support levels in .40s, technicals have become quite appealing. ..curing diabetes by reprogramming liver cells..worth a look


Orgenesis (ORGS) and Pall Corporation (PLL) Awarded $800,000 For Diabetes Cure Development, by...

Initiating Coverage on Orgenesis, Inc. (ORGS) with $2.50 12-18 Month Target: Broad ORGS Patent for Turning Liver Cells into Insulin Producing Cells Creates a Potential Cure for Diabetes


~ ~ ~
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