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4/4/2014 ERBB remains best mj chart in 2014...Unveiling Dispensary Machine April 12..Launching new website: www.americangreenzine.com

Tranzbyte Launches American GreenZine(TM) - Cannabis News as It HappensMarketwiredTranzbyte Corporation

21 hours ago

0 sharesContent preferencesDoneTEMPE, AZ--(Marketwired - Apr 3, 2014) - Tranzbyte Corporation (OTC Pink: ERBB) (PINKSHEETS: ERBB) (http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/ERBB:US) is excited to announce the arrival of American GreenZine (http://www.americangreenzine.com) as the masthead of the network it envisions tying together the industry, from the grower to the consumer, from seed to sale AND use. The online magazine, powered by Sociative (http://www.sociative.net), a content discovery platform, uses the real-time web activity of topical influencers to surface the best content on any subject. We will be celebrating the birth of the American GreenZine publication on Friday, April 4th at 8:20am (EDT).

"With every passing day more news and articles come out about this industry, but they are located in 1000 or more different places, and many of the stories are musings by pundits who may know much or nothing at all about the industry. By aggregating and organizing the information, we provide a portal through which people can get all the news they want and filter it on their own," comments David Gwyther, Tranzbyte's president.

"The ultimate goal for American GreenZine is obviously much, much, larger -- to create a forum where individuals from all aspects of the industry can freely communicate, share ideas, debate and generally write the story of this historic time. Organizing relevant information and providing people access to it is our first step toward accomplishing this goal and Sociative is the best company on the market to help us do it," adds Stephen Shearin, Tranzbyte COO.

Brad deGraf, CEO of Sociative, said: "This subject is a great one for our technology, because the stories that matter come from many directions: law, health, culture, geography, etc. The influencer network we build on a subject acts as an antenna for all the important stories. If they're talking about it, we're tracking it. Our ranking algorithm then makes sure that the most important stories of the moment rise to the top."

As a reminder, Tranzbyte's ZaZZZ machine will be presented in a public unveiling for shareholders and press on April 12, 2014 in Eagle-Vail, Colorado. Any shareholders or press earnestly interested in joining this event can email zazzz@tranzbyte.com with the phrase, "VIP" in the subject line.

Tranzbyte encourages all folks wishing to follow the progress of Tranzbyte, American Green™, and its other subsidiaries and divisions to visit the Tranzbyte website at www.tranzbyte.com and sign up to receive our 'Email Alerts' which are sparingly sent to interest-holders periodically. Just click on the orange 'contact' button after arriving at the company's website. Mobile users can also sign up by navigating to the company's website on their android smart phone or iPhone."

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 4:02 AM - Permalink

3/18/14 Emerging Growth Stocks: MDNT up 200% in last week, still going......ERBB best mj chart this week..Quite the bullish message post on them.

ERBB not letting up 0.0492 0.0098 24.87% 0.00% 153,456,263 88.8M

From: Greenbackers

Sent: Monday, March 17, 2014 7:23 AM

Subject: MDNT likely higher into week.....ERBB crossing .40



Shares of Plug Power (PLUG) are rising by 6.5% in pre market after the company released news. Watch these support and resistance levels going forward

We notice PLUG got slammed recently....so could be an op...

MDNT was best strength from prior mentions continuing its trend.....Nice late day pickup.....Remains best chart mention in March...

Chart forMedient Studios, Inc. (MDNT)

Recall recent discussions:

Add a comment...

MDNT shot up 52% yesterday...a number of catalysts here including ceo major investment in company/building largest film studio in the country/trading at 1/8th book...

Medient Studios (MDNT) CEO Shows Puts His Own Money Into The Company, by Tobin Smith | NBT Equities Research - Emerging Growth Stocks That Work



Regarding mj’s PROP stood out again ..making it best chart for the week..

Chart forGrowlife, Inc. (PHOT)


Stock Updates Of Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS)

Boston, MA - (NYSEPOST) - 03/17/2014 - Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) is a United States Company that specializes in cannabis formulation-based drug-development & various related consulting the company applauded Dr.

NYSE Post - 2 hours ago Related articles »

ERBB remains a close focus...interesting board read over the weekend..

Tranzbyte Corp (PC) (ERBB)

$ 0.0394 ▲0.0004 (1.03%)

Home > Boards > US OTC > Computers - Software > Tranzbyte Corp. (ERBB)

DCGoD Member Level Sunday, 03/16/14 10:19:30 AM

Re: None

Post # of 129186

I spoke with Stephen for 40 minutes on Friday. We went over ever single thing I had questions about, from his past companies, to Tranzbyte's past, everything. We discussed the ZaZZZ vape pen (made by Vapor Group) which is coming out soon as well as a few other products in the works.

We discussed what happened with AOM and Brian C. and why the American Green division was made. It's very clear now why there are so many similarities with AOM and Organix since the plans for these 2 was to do exactly that until an issue came up. A Tranzbyte website rewrite is also in the works as well as a logo change for the American Green division. No more hummingbird folks.... I believe we will see something completely unique and I like this direction MUCH better since it involves multiple vendors and partnerships for ERBB rather than tying into one single AOM relationship.

Edibles and more are coming. He will actually be handing out the vape pens at the Cannibus Cup in Denver this year as well if you're fortunate enough to go. I plan on meeting him out there and have quite a few things to discuss, from mobile apps to other endeavors.

I also got the full scoop on the software that CYBK (chart) provides as well as the original author. I haven't seen the name posted yet so if you want to know who it is, ask Stephen and he will tell you. I actually feel a sh!tload better about the software now since I write software and never felt good about CYBK. We discussed the security aspect of the machine and verification system as well as discussed A64. Let me be very clear about this part, the technique that the ZaZZZ machine is using to verify age and then dispense a product is COMPLETELY LEGAL AND PASSES ALL GUIDELINES FOR COLORADO. I went over this part in detail and honestly, it was exactly what I envisioned what would need to be done which made me feel great for being on the same page.

Other things were discussed such as the frequency he interacts with David G. (at least once a day) and how much David is currently involved with the company overall. We also discussed Stephen's previous companies of which some were failures and others were successes. I have a lot of respect for someone who can admit previous failures and can tell you what they learned from those past mistakes. It builds character on a massive level and is truly the only way we learn.

I did briefly bring up One Bode and asked him if the company is generating revenue and whether they expect this division to expand soon. You guys are in for a treat as to why the One Bode partnership was formed and what it means for Tranzbyte and it's future. Everything "clicked" after hearing the things that were learned there. He did mention that Friday was the largest sales day to date for One Bode so something large is "cooking" guys. wink This will become very apparent by the end of the month if I had to guess.

We also discussed their current bitcoin operation as well as crypto currency overall and what it means for the future. They run a relatively small operation but they are indeed generating coins from 2 different manufacturers miners. I am very familiar with crypto so we discussed Litecoin/Crypto as well for quite a while.

Also, to clarify the entire 20-21st date deal from Herbal. He stands by their statement of by the end of March. I made sure to clarify that. He made it very clear that if you didn't hear it directly from Tranzbyte then it is purely opinion based since they have not given out an exact date yet. The confusion began when an employee overheard someone say they expected the machine by the 21st, not that it would definitely be there.

We discussed a lot more than this but I'm sure an update is coming soon to go into more detail than what I just provided. Get ready for an updated ERBB people! It sounds like more than the machine will be launched at the same time which is why a solid timeframe couldn't be placed on anything. I feel confident they are going to release the machine along with the initial American Green division launch at the same time. This includes the machine, website and products. This last part is purely speculation based on what I gathered but seems extremely likely.

ERBB @ .10 by the end of March? Hell no... I see .20+ with everything that's adding up to become more than a "machine". The best part about ERBB is their business model allows for an extremely fast turnaround to get into profits as quickly as possible. When you see what's coming you'll think twice about wanting to dump your shares immediately when the 1st machine is released. I understand taking profits but I would leave a majority of shares in there if I was you.

It's also worth noting that he enjoyed speaking with other board members but I'm choosing not to disclose their names. I sent you guys a PM. Keep up the great DD and don't be afraid to ask questions or offer suggestions. And again, thank your Stephen for your time.

Support 2 Support 1 Pivot Price Resistance 1 Resistance 2

$ 0.0336 $ 0.0365 $ 0.038 $ 0.0409 $ 0.0424

Fridays alert ARWD

delivered 500pct gains nice and steady through out the day, closing up over 200pct on

record volume.

otc exchange:

Our alert for Monday is PositiveID Corp.,PSID and it closed Friday at 9.4 cents.

WBXU opened at .027, traded in the .03 range for a couple hours, then exploded on news hitting 5 cents. SWEET.

L Superman:

FWDG 8K Out~!! King of MJ IMO ... DD Before dimes imo

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 12:42 AM - Permalink

3/11 Examining PROP following very strong shareholder letter 0.32 Up 0.03(10.34%) 11:41AM

Newsletter sampling from www.greenbackers.com

From: Greenbackers

Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 10:04 AM

To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Subject: Examining PROP following bullish shareholder letter 0.32 Up 0.03(10.34%) 11:41AM

PROP sturring on news..

Propell Technologies Group, Inc. (PROP)-OTC BB

0.32 Up 0.03(10.34%) 11:41AM EDT

We haven’t spoken about PROP in some time, but we do recall the company gaining rapid acceptance with their plasma technology the generates oil from problem wells among other things (see below)

Propell Technologies (PROP) Issues Letter to Shareholders

By Tobin Smith | March 11, 2014, 12:27am GMT 11 hours ago

Milestones for 2014

Acceleration of service revenue growth With the corporate and business framework established in 2013, we expect 2014 to be a year of accelerated business and value growth. Upon anticipated delivery in Q2 2014 of the reengineered tooling, we expect treatment opportunities to broaden and service revenue to grow significantly. In addition, we anticipate that opportunities to leverage our proprietary technology to gain production participation through JV’s will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, demand from well operators seeking to enhance production with Plasma Pulse continues to grow.

Read more:

From: Greenbackers

Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 9:18 AM

Subject: PROP news after open....expanding on ....

Propell Technologies Group, Inc. (PROP)-OTC BB

0.38 Up 0.03(8.57%) 10:17AM EST

Propell Technologies Group, Inc's Wholly Owned Subsidiary Novas Energy USA, Inc to Present Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology and US Treatment Results at Total Energy USAGlobeNewswire(Wed 9:32AM EST)

Novas Energy USA, Inc., plans to present its exclusively licensed enhanced oil recovery technology and results from its treatment of oil wells in the United States as an exhibitor (Booth #807) at the Total Energy USA Conference being held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX, November 19th - 21st, 2013.

Novas Energy USA and its plasma pulse technology are currently in the running for Total Energy USA's Chairman's Innovation Award. Of the 20 submissions for this award Novas is one of six total finalists between Mid-Large and Micro-Small cap companies. It is one of three finalists in the Micro-Small cap companies sector.

Propell Technologies Enters into Engineering AgreementGlobeNewswire(Tue, Nov 5) Propell Technologies Reports Well Treatment Results in the Arbuckle Formation in KansasGlobeNewswire(Wed, Oct 23) Propell Technologies Reports 6-Month Well Treatment Results in OklahomaGlobeNewswire(Mon, Oct 14) Propell Technologies Reports Additional Well Treatment Results in OklahomaGlobeNewswire(Tue, Oct 8) Propell Technologies Reports Well Treatment Results in OklahomaGlobeNewswire(Tue, Oct 1)

Recall recent runup on well results early Oct.....Notice a higher intermediate term low developing around .35 vs .30

Recall discussions on the stock back in mid Oct:

From: Greenbackers

Sent: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 7:22 AM

Subject: Impressed with PROP into close


PROP was best strength of prior mentions......closing at intraday highs.......Notable in that in climbed above 43, where it broke out to last week.......Look for some intal consolidation, but is developing into an intermediate turnaround candidate.....debate .50 initially.....

0.46 Oct 8, 3:31PM

PROP Propell Technologies Reports Additional Well Treatment Results in Oklahoma GlobeNewswire09:02am EDT

Recall recent discussions:

Keeping an eye on PROP in light if recent breakout to .42 on bullish news regarding their Plasma Technology.

0.46 Up 0.05(12.20%) 3:31PM EDT

Recall recent post:

PROP recent breakout to .42...Plasma oil technology provides solution to getting oil out of problem wells...customers lining up.

worth a look...

Propell Technologies Signs First Oil Services Revenue Sharing Agreement

Recent news: NBT Equities Research com reported on this breakthrough technology....excerpt from their report:

The Value Proposition is Killer. As opposed to spending $tens of thousands or $hundreds of thousands for hydraulic fracking crews with water trucks, water reclamation costs and polluting... Read More: http://nbtequitiesresearch.com/report/propell-tech-prop-plasma-microfracking-technology-delivers-another-750k-revenue-gusher

Bottom line: Debate PROP under .40 on all the events this fall and on intermediate term technicals.....

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 12:47 PM - Permalink

2/26 Examine UGHS a little closer @ .21 on deal with hospital giant UNH


UGHS partnering up with a giant in their industry....Deserves closer attention at .21.....Recall they got current with their financials recently in addition to reporting solid growth and profit for the last qtr...

UGHS 03:47pm EST 0.2100 +0.0050 +2.44% 0.20 0.22 382,237

UGHS UNIVERSITY GENERAL HEALTH SYSTEM, INC. Files SEC form 8-K, Financial Statements and Exhibits at EDGAR Online Tue 8:29am

University General Health System (UGHS) Extends Access To UnitedHealthcare Plan Participants

By Tobin Smith | February 25, 2014, 12:11pm GMT

People enrolled in UnitedHealthcare's employer-sponsored, individual, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid health plans now have access to University General Hospital in Houston, located near the Texas Medical Center.

University General Hospital is a general acute care hospital that includes a fully staffed and licensed emergency room as well as outpatient imaging, laboratory services and in-patient care.

University General's emphasis on patient comfort and favorable outcomes is evident in its Hospital Outpatient Departments, which include ambulatory surgical centers, diagnostic imaging facilities, physical therapy, sports rehab, sleep clinics and a hyperbaric wound care center. The hospital has attracted a growing number of respected surgeons and other physicians from the Houston medical community.

"We are very pleased that University General's medical care will now be available to UnitedHealthcare plan participants on an in-network basis," said Hassan Chahadeh, M.D., chairman and CEO of University General Health System, Inc., the publicly-traded parent of University General Hospital. "One of our primary goals has been to offer patient-centric care to the broadest number of people throughout the Houston metropolitan area, and by expanding access to our facility to include UnitedHealthcare customers, we will achieve this objective."

"University General is an important addition to our care provider network, giving UnitedHealthcare plan customers greater choice and access to facilities near where they live and work," said Dave Milich, CEO, UnitedHealthcare of South Texas.

UnitedHealthcare, a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company, serves more than 3.8 million Texans with a care provider network of more than 500 hospitals and 51,000 physicians and care professionals statewide.

Want to know more about University General Health System? Check out our detailed report.

Source: MarketWired

University General Health System Reports 51% Increase in Revenue for First Nine Months of 2013Marketwired(Mon, Feb 3)ceo: This was a much better quarter for the Company than the previous quarters of 2013,....

Total shareholders' equity improved to $16.8 million at September 30, 2013, from $10.7 million at December 31, 2012.

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UNH)-NYSE  Follow

75.32 0.69(0.91%) Feb 25, 4:00PM

Day's Range: 75.13 - 76.14

52wk Range: 52.88 - 77.33

Volume: 3,762,240

Avg Vol (3m): 4,824,520

Market Cap: 74.51B

P/E (ttm): 13.69

EPS (ttm): 5.50

Div & Yield: 1.12 (1.50%)

Income Statement

Revenue (ttm): 156.29M

Revenue Per Share (ttm): 0.44

Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 37.60%


CBGI the standout:

CBGI 03:54pm EST 0.0198 +0.0048 +32.00% 0.015 0.0198 1,715,706

XTRM continues to buck the general sector pullback trend...

XTRM 03:59pm EST 0.0650 +0.0058 +9.80% 0.06 0.068 18,283,609

XTRM Cannabis Ventures Sets Closing Date On 40 Acre Parcel For Hemp / Marijuana Cultivation - Targets Additional Properties For PurchaseAccesswire(Tue, Feb 25) XTRM Cannabis Aggressively Merging Marijuana Industry with the Energy SectorAccesswire(Mon, Feb 24)

PHOT notable dayend pickup.....Ongoing around .30...


[video] Cannabis College or Bust: TheStreet Goes to Pot Schoolat TheStreet(Mon, Feb 24)

Watch mj play LTAF for a rebound on news (getting added to mj index)...also as a near term oversold proxy........Keep in mind the low float/swings will be dramatic...

0.008 Down 0.00(20.59%) Feb 25, 3:59PM EST


Latteno Food Releases Preliminary Numbers for 4th Quarter FinancialsMarketwired(Thu, Feb 20)

Green-Cannabis is b products and services to Valley Organics Latteno Releases Corporate UpdatesMarketwired(Wed, Feb 12)

Latteno's Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Valley Organics Introduces New Medical Marijuana Product-NullFlamMarketwired(Mon, Feb 10)

Latteno Invites Consumers to Submit MMJ RecipesMarketwired(Wed, Jan 15)Market Cap: 284.37K

Shares Outstanding5: 35.11M

The thing about the sector is you don’t have to wait long for general news....Most recently being the beginning of bank approval.......Look forward to decisions in Florida and Calif into 2014...

) [video] Quick Take: Guidelines Give Green Light to Banks Dealing With Pot Companiesat TheStreet(Tue, Feb 18)

~ ~ ~
Posted by: greenbackers - 1:02 PM | Updated: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 1:57 PM - Permalink

Interesting thread on what sub penny mj might be the next ERBB ERBB 03:59pm EST 0.0393 +0.0053 +15.59%

From: Greenbackers

Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 10:26 PM

Subject: Interesting thread on what sub penny mj might be the next ERBB

DEWM sold off substantially, although it wasn’t sudden like we’ve come to expect on these high flying charts......More of a steady, deliberate pattern..

www.greenbackers.com portfolio holding ERBB outperformed in the mj sector, although well off intraday highs....Currently best trending in the sector however...

ERBB 03:59pm EST 0.0393 +0.0053 +15.59% day low 0.0385 day high 0.0436

Chart forTranzbyte Corporation (ERBB)


Chart forCannaVEST Corp. (CANV)

A New Audio Interview With CannaVest Corp. VP of Product Development, Christopher Boucher and HempMedsPX's VP of Communications, Charles Vest, is Now at SmallCapVoice.comGlobeNewswire(Wed, Feb 19) Medical Marijuana Inc. Applauds the Progressive Guidance to Financial Institutions and Offers Strategic InsightGlobeNewswire(Tue, Feb 18)[ Shares Outstanding5: 11.74M

Float: 2.46M

MWAR newest mj johnny come lately...

MWAR is no longer valid. It has changed to CBGI.

MWAR Changes Name, Symbol and Enters the Growing Billion Dollar Marijuana IndustryPR Newswire(Tue, Feb 18)Muscle Warfare International, Inc. (MWAR)

bgt2012 • 9 hours ago Flag 1 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply What is the next erbb stock?Any ideas? I was thinking PRPM or PMCM, also possibly AEGY

Sort: Newest | Oldest | Most Replied Expand all replies

metalskin420 metalskin420 • 1 hour 15 minutes ago Flag 0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply keep an eye on TSNP.

may373office may373office • 5 hours ago Flag 1 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply Latf is the best choice.

Sentiment: Strong Buy

wwweeunit wwweeunit • 8 hours ago Flag 0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply LATF. Actual revenues just reported and a much better market cap.

simonsezz789 simonsezz789 • 8 hours ago Flag 1 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply LATF Latteno Food Releases Preliminary Numbers for 4th Quarter Financials

Sentiment: Strong Buy

daytraderty daytraderty • 9 hours ago Flag 0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply BAYP is about to show the golden cross. news coming

1 Reply to daytraderty tanstaafl1963 tanstaafl1963 • 4 hours ago Flag 0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply I hope BAYP moves upward. I bought 1M share @ 0.0032. Wondering how their leasing of properties is going to be affected by Banks not willing (yet) to give loans .

Sentiment: Strong Buy

1 Reply to tanstaafl1963

mrcockstock mrcockstock • 9 hours ago Flag 0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply I think AEGY is going to be a beast.

Sentiment: Hold

dezzertfox35 dezzertfox35 • 9 hours ago Flag 1 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 1 Reply All erbb !!! Boom!!

Sentiment: Strong Buy

1 Reply to dezzertfox35 bgt2012 bgt2012 • 9 hours ago Flag 0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply I bought this stock back when it was .0073!

Sentiment: Hold

1 Reply to bgt2012

Followup on AEGY given mentions above....At least they didn’t just start up in the mj business...

Alternative Energy Partners, Inc. (AEGY)-OTC BB

0.0073 Down 0.0005(6.41%) Feb 20


PharmaJanes(TM) (OTCBB: AEGY), in Affiliation With Medical Greens (OTC Pink: SKTO) Announces Expanded Delivery Service AreaMarketwired(Thu, Feb 20) PharmaJanes.com (OTCQB: AEGY), Operated in Conjunction With SK3 Group (OTC PINK: SKTO), Announces Ongoing Delivery From Collectives to PatientsMarketwired(Tue, Feb 11) ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PARTNERS, INC. Files SEC form 8-K, Other EventsEDGAR Online(Mon, Feb 10) PharmaJanes (OTCBB: AEGY) Announces Launch of Website Connecting Collectives With Patients in CaliforniaMarketwired(Fri, Jan 31)AEGY Announces Launch of Beta Website Connecting Medical Marijuana Patients with Medical Marijuana ProductsAccesswire(Tue, Sep 17)

Chart forAlternative Energy Partners, Inc. (AEGY)

LATF also

4th Quarter Estimates 3,100% Increase in Prior Year's Revenues and Over $413,000 in Net Income

Chart forLatteno Food Corp. (LATF)


Latteno Food Releases Preliminary Numbers for 4th Quarter FinancialsMarketwired(Thu, Feb 20)

The bulk of net sales and net profit came from the high-demand shipping of fresh seafood products from our wholly-owned subsidiary Mekonza Corp. to both domestic and international clientele. Both MMJ research co-ops Green-Cannabis & Valley Organics booked small but encouraging revenues.

Green-Cannabis is being terminated due to lack of support and limited products offering. Latteno has consolidated Green-Cannabis' products and services to Valley Organics to focus on existing sales and support in California. In anticipating of an early April relocation to Colorado, Latteno has already applied for dispensary licenses there along with presenting Valley Organics' products for market testing and distributing.

Latteno Releases Corporate UpdatesMarketwired(Wed, Feb 12) Latteno's Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Valley Organics Introduces New Medical Marijuana Product-NullFlamMarketwired(Mon, Feb 10) Latteno Invites Consumers to Submit MMJ RecipesMarketwired(Wed, Jan 15) Latteno's Valley Organics Tests New Product "The Jello"Marketwired(Mon, Jan 6) Latteno's Valley Organics Identifies Westminster, Colorado as a Potential R&D CenterMarketwired(Mon, Dec 16) Latteno's Valley Organics Joins NCIA - National Cannabis Industry AssociationMarketwired(Thu, Dec 12) Latteno Launches MMJ-Recipes.comMarketwired(Tue, Dec 10) Latteno's Co-Op Valley Organics Introduces New Medical Cannabis ProductsMarketwired(Mon, Dec 9) Latteno's Wholly-Owned Valley Organics Expands Operations to ColoradoMarketwired(Fri, Dec 6) Latteno Names Chief Operating Officer to Oversee the MMJ/Healthcare DivisionMarketwired(Tue, Dec 3) Latteno Postpones Sale of Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Mekonza Corp.Marketwired(Wed, Nov 20) Latteno Recaps/Updates Previous News AnnouncementsMarketwired(Mon, Nov 11) Latteno Receives All Cash Offer to Buyout Assets of Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Mekonza Corp.Marketwired(Thu, Nov 7) Latteno Receives $1,000,000 Funding Commitment From an Offshore Hedge FundMarketwired(Tue, Nov 5)

BlackBerry jumps following Facebook/WhatsApp deal. BlackBerry (BBRY) was +6.8% following news that Facebook (FB) is acquiring WhatsApp. Investors are betting the deal will spell a higher valuation for BBM, which had added 40M+ Android/iOS users as of December to go with its BlackBerry base.

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Greenbackers specializes in providing trading ideas via newsletters on rapidly growing companies for short and long term investors.

We offer monthly subscriptions to our daily pre mkt and midday newsletters for the reduced rate of $25.00 per month.

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Posted by: greenbackers - 12:02 AM - Permalink

Fw: Rapid Growth Stocks: Interesting news on MDNT 0.0088* +0.0012 (15.79%) vol: 378,685 CEO investing into/putting money where his mouth is....Stock trading at nearly 1/10th it's book value...Recall building largest film studio in the country.

Newsletter sampling from www.greenbackers.com

(Updated quote following release of article to subscribers)

Medient Studios, Inc. (MDNT)-Other OTC

0.009 Up 0.00(18.42%) 11:16AM EST

Volume: 3,232,408

From: Greenbackers

Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 12:41 PM

To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Subject: Interesting news on MDNT regarding CEO investing into/putting money where his mouth is.......Stock trading at nearly 1/10th book value

The fact that the CEO is investing in the company at an 820% premium is certainly a vote of confidence.....

It dumbfounds us the stock has been taken this low....Constant reminding they’re building the largest film studio in the country......Continue to debate for bottoming out / potential wipsawing back above .01 initially....

Medient Studios, Inc. (MDNT)-Other OTC  Follow

0.0076 Down 0.0002(2.56%) 1:39PM

NBT Equities adding their take on recent company news....

Medient Studios (MDNT) CEO Shows Puts His Own Money Into The Company

By Tobin Smith | February 10, 2014, 1:20pm GMT 1 hour ago

Medient Studios, Inc. (MDNT) has announced that Mr. Manu Kumaran, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer has converted $660,000 of personal loans to the company into common stock at $0.064 per share, the book value of the company. The approximately 10.3 Million represents an 822% premium to the closing market price on February 7, 2014.

Mr. Kumaran stated, "My willingness to convert the entire amount of personal loans to the Company at such a substantial premium to the market, should clearly illustrate to all investors both my confidence in the business and commitment to delivering shareholder value. We see immense potential for Medient and continue to move forward aggressively with our plans to construct the Studioplex, which we believe will be the largest and most cost effective movie production studio in North America once completed. Additionally, we look forward to the domestic and international release of 'Yellow' later this year, which we expect will contribute significant revenue to Medient in 2014.

"Medient was founded 12 years ago and, to date, we have made 14 movies in four different languages. Our management team has over 150 years of cumulative experience and a track record of over 250 movies that have generated over $3 Billion in box office sales. Significantly, the senior management team has all accepted substantial cuts in pay, inspired and motivated by the vision and objectives of Medient. It's also important to focus on the strength of the balance sheet, which had assets audited and valued at over $44 Million with over $16 Million of net shareholder equity as of September 30, 2013, representing a book value well in excess of our current market cap.

"The real strength of Medient is the women and men, their 'never give up' attitude, their refusal to take 'no' for an answer, their deep and abiding lust for knowledge, their constant questioning of the status quo and the absolute desire to leave things better than they find them. I wish all of you could know the Medient team the way I do.

"Together, we intend to permanently change the way movies are financed, produced, and sold. The Studioplex will be a beacon for the best of the best across the entire entertainment industry.

"Clearly we haven't been successful in communicating our heritage, strengths and potential to the investor community and we recognize this fact. We will endeavor to correct this shortcoming and this decision to put my money where my mouth is, will hopefully underline my absolute commitment to Medient and our shareholders.

"I want to thank all our fellow shareholders for your belief and support and on behalf of our board and the entire team reiterate our unwavering sense of purpose to achieve our lofty goals."

For more information on Medient Studios, check out our Initial Report.

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Other recent news has been quite upbeat also....

Medient Studios to Present at SeeThruEquity Winter Microcap Investor Conference in New YorkMarketwired(Mon, Feb 3) Medient Appoints Merriman Capital as Capital Markets Advisor and Designated Advisor for DisclosureMarketwired(Wed, Jan 29) Medient Completes Acquisition of Atlas international FilmMarketwired(Tue, Jan 28) Georgia Governor Cites Medient, GM, AT&T Amongst Significant Economic Development Projects of 2013Marketwired(Tue, Dec 24) Entertainment Mogul Charles Koppelman Joins MedientMarketwired(Wed, Dec 4)

Recall go ahead for the studio last fall

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Greenlights Medient Studioplex ConstructionMarketwired(Wed, Oct 16)

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02/05 Monitoring Reversal in mmj PLPL @ 1.60...PHOT one hell of a writeup


PLPL a nice about face into the afternoon....still on it, dispite suggesting out stop loss when we re-entered, due mainly to knowing it would be highly volatile/pullback would likely be short lived, in additon to scottrade not allowing more the three roundtrip trades within a week if balances below 25,000...

Planda (PLPL)

larsonpester • 8 minutes ago

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Now looking for 3 day run of significant upside after plunge from hi of $3.12 to low of $1.23 in 3 days

I've seen this with FSPM and others too that they can run up hugely in 3 days when the rally tires and profit-taking takes over. PLPL has just exhibited both the huge run up and now the big fall back, though closing well off the 3rd day losses of a low of $1.23 which bodes well for the next 3 days imho. Once buyers take over again we might break $2 today possibly and if not I certainly think it will come Friday which would only be the second day of an anticipated rally. The things to remember: These swings up and down can be very swift and huge in terms of percentage moves! Also, the trend is very bullish and favors further new 52wk highs for the better weed stocks in the sector. I like PLPL and PHOT best of all the weeds...but all this is in my humble opinion

scottrs61771 • 1 hour 19 minutes ago 0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Here is (a copy and paste of that article I posted earlier that no one has found) PLPL early 2014 game plan.Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. Expects to Head into Q4 2013 and 2014 Moving from Solely an R&D Biotech to the Marketplace

Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (OTCBQ: PLPL) has reported it should be producing Phytofare Catechin Complex at its Senteeko facility beginning in January 2014. After production, the product will be shipped to the Pheroid production facility in South Africa for further processing. Plandaí says the Phytofare / Pheroid product will then be further tested to make sure it conforms to the standard profile, and then the company can release it to market.

Executives estimate that by March 1, 2014, all testing will be complete and product will be ready to ship to customers in four different formulations:

1. Phytofare™ Catechin Complex – This is a water-soluble powder.

2. Ph2™ Topical Catechin Complex – This is a topical cream that has Phytofare nano-entrapped in Pheroid.

3. Ph2™ Oral Catechin Complex – This is a gel tab version of Phytofare nano-entrapped in Pheroid, suitable for oral consumption.

4. Ph2™ Liquid Catechin Complex – This is an oral version of Phytofare nano-entrapped in Pheroid in a liquid suspension, suitable for mixing into beverages and liquid medications.

Once sales commence in early 2014, Plandaí will move directly into the next phase of operations, which the company says primarily consists of actively pursuing drug targets for Phytofare™ and the development of additional products

Recall today shareholders voting on PHOT raising o/s from 1bil to 3bil.....Holding pattern in upper .30s last couple days...

Growlife, Inc. (PHOT)-OTC BB

0.39 Up 0.00(0.51%) Feb 5, 3:59PM


Growlife - The No. 1 Stock In The Marijuana Market

Feb. 5, 2014 2:32 PM ET | by: Tony Ghadieh 123 comments | About: PHOT

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. (More...)


It is worthwhile analyzing the marijuana stock market, including the recent run-up in share prices. I have identified three tiers in this market: Tier 1: large companies (3), Tier 2: medium companies (9), Tier 3: small companies (13). My analysis indicates that Growlife, Inc. (OTCQB:PHOT) ($0.3450) is the best short-term and long-term investment of the 25 current publicly traded marijuana stocks. According to an article on Benzinga.com, Growlife is a favorite among marijuana investors in a recent survey: 48 percent expect Growlife to gain the most value in 2014. My analysis concludes the same. Significant near-term and intermediate-term industry announcements will drive share prices higher than today's marijuana stock market.

The Green Rush is here to stay. It is the real deal.


Growlife's business model is likely to benefit significantly following the legal regulations of the DOJ including anticipated reversal of banking industry sanctions....

volatile price swings in the marijuana industry.

Key components for your analysis should include:

Business model and revenue potential

Management quality and Board of Director expertise.

Sophisticated legal advise

Product positioning within the "sweet spot" of recent DOJ regulations

Leverage, benefits and participation for upcoming industry announcements

Capitalization and availability of capital for growth

Trading volumes to ensure liquidity

Disclosure, reporting and SEC Filings

Growlife is the only company in this industry that fits all the above required criteria, including its acquisition-oriented business model. Growlife's core holdings are multiple divisions targeted at the indoor and outdoor marijuana markets including gardening and specialty markets. Indoor growing will be huge. Any medical marijuana prescription can be met by growing indoors. Indoor growing is preferred for recreational use due to cold weather. This also includes users who will grow indoors because they do not want to have outdoor plants stolen. The company develops, markets and deploys products and services addressing the needs of legal cannabis growing and retail operations, including hydroponic growing equipment, retail support software, infrastructure financing, nationwide retail network, as well as online sites. Growlife also operates a political and social forum.

Growlife has seven hydroponic stores projected to generate about $1 million per store. In two to three years, the company can build out its national Home Depot type of footprint to 30-40 stores, or about $35 million of sales in its bricks and mortar businesses. Growlife can buy and roll up other hydroponic stores. The company is ideally positioned within the DOJ's guidelines of medical and recreational marijuana. Growlife can also become an attractive acquisition target for companies such as Reynolds American (RAI) ($47.00) or Phillip Morris International (PM) ($76.00).

Last week, Growlife announced two blockbuster deals. The first deal with RXNB locks in substantial international distribution in drug formulation, manufacturing and distribution in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets including patents for THC research and development. RXNB has a portfolio valuation of $110 million dollars and approximately $27.5 million dollars in annual revenue. Growlife subsidiary Organic Growth International LLC ("OGI") is a joint venture with CANX USA LLC. The deal allows Growlife to purchase a 40% equity stake in RXNB. GrowLife owns a 45% ownership interest in OGI and can increase its position to a majority interest.

The second deal locks in access to production and product sales with CEN Biotech, a Canadian manufacturing facility. CEN will begin construction on a state of the art medical marijuana facility in the City of Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada. This production facility is targeted to produce 1.3 million pounds of dried medical marijuana annually. The total may include capacity that is set aside for import and export. Growlife and its affiliates will serve as CEN Biotech's exclusive supplier of legal cannabis growing equipment for the entire term of the shared ownership


The Green Rush is here to stay. It is likely to be one of the most continuing powerful and volatile events in the history of the U.S. stock market. Investors and speculators have jumped on this bandwagon. No one wants to be left behind. The marijuana stock market is the real deal. Share prices will continue to explode. There are eight and probably more major near-term and intermediate-term events that should drive the marijuana stock market to higher levels:

1. Allowing banks to finance the industry. By law, banks have been forbidden to lend to the industry. U.S. Attorney General Holder has announced a proposed reversal of this law proposing that banks can both receive deposits and provide banking services including lending to the marijuana industry. The industry is flush with cash with no place to deposit it. Share prices explode.

2. Credit card acceptance of marijuana purchases. If and when banking restrictions are removed and reversed, the major credit card companies should fall in line. Share prices explode.

3. HR 1523: The Pro Federal Government Hands off Bill. The possible passage of the Marijuana Laws Act of 2013. This bill would prevent the federal government from continuing to prosecute residents who are acting in accordance with their state's marijuana laws. The bill would legalize marijuana at the federal level to the extent it is legal at the state level. If passed, share prices will explode.

4. Federal taxation of the marijuana industry. There is no reason why the Federal Government would also not want to step in and tax the industry as they do with alcohol, other commodities and products. About $0.29 on the dollar in Colorado go to the state. Why should the Federal Government not collect? Share prices explode.

5. Washington begins recreational sales. This event with substantial media coverage should explode share prices similar to Colorado. The target date is this spring or summer.

6. Other states fall in line. As other states fall in line with major announcements and media coverage with both medical and recreational marijuana, this market will continue its powerful long term volatile increase in share prices and market capitalizations.

7. N.Y. goes medical and recreational. If N.Y. throws its hat in the ring, share prices explode.

8. California goes recreational. This event may happen in 2016. Share prices explode.

We envision a steady series of major industry announcements. Most are inevitable. All will continue to fuel the marijuana stock market. Growlife, Inc. is the best company for investment the marijuana industry because it is the outstanding value by every measurement of my analysis in this industry. At a price of $0.345, or a market capitalization of $245.58 million, the stock in today's marijuana market is worth about $0.49, or a market capitalization of around $348 million. Looking out intermediate term, with significant company and industry announcements as Growlife builds out its business model, the company should be able to carry a market cap of $500 million, or about $0.70 cents a share, possibly more if the industry premium holds.

We last mentioned EXMT the latest mmj breakout @ .015...closed a little above

Anything Technologies Media Inc. (EXMT)-Other OTC

0.016 Up 0.01(159.68%) Feb 5, 3:59PM EST

Anything Technologies Media Inc. (EXMT)

about the smallest market cap mmj we’re tracking

Day's Range: 0.01 - 0.02

52wk Range: 0.01 - 0.07

Volume: 132,860,837

Avg Vol (3m): 589,259

Market Cap: 1.15M

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1/27 Bought position in CVM @ .95

with proceeds from CBIS sale.

liking the pullback from 1.18 last week not to mention the data on them we’ve been forwarding surrounding recent Phase III news, not to mention that large insider purchase earlier in the month...

New analyst rpt came out on them today by the way...

Fast mkt at the moment

Chart forCEL-SCI Corporation (CVM)

Liked what we read/got caught up on with CVM last week including the strong trending/doubling in jan.....recall that sizeable insider open market purchase earlier in the month.....Watch for psychological at 1 moving forward...

CEL-SCI Receives Government Approval in Serbia to Commence Phase III Clinical Trial of Multikine in Head and Neck CancerBusiness Wire(Thu, Jan 23)

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01.24 CBIS remains best in mmj sector: taking out 52wk highs again today....


Debate penny or so pullbacks / under .14

CBIS 10:27am EST 0.1380 +0.0080 +6.15% 12,312,730 2,176,910 0.134 0.133 0.146

NVLX breakout continues...

NVLX 10:30am EST 0.1760 +0.0210 +13.55% 7,463,772

Best mmj upside yesterday / catchup play mention ERBB extending...Remains best % upside in the sector...

ERBB 10:28am EST 0.0143 +0.0028 +24.35% 265,927,392

Look for footing on mmj play CANN following weeklong pullback

CANN Full Circle Capital Raises Cash To Buy Pot at Seeking Alpha Thu 1:23pm

CANN 10:30am EST 15.80 -0.16 -1.00% 48,682

Chart forAdvanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (CANN)

Recall CVM discussion....Pullback potential buying op...Focus on footing/psychologial at a buck...?

CEL-SCI Corporation (CVM)-NYSE MKT  Follow

1.06 Down 0.10(8.62%) 10:37AM EST - Nasdaq Real Time Price



The first internet IPO of 2014 will open today and has some potential. Care.com (CRCM) priced at $17 on 5.4 million shares

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CBIS best performing stock we're covering in 2016 up 160%. Also best in Greenbackers portfolio


123 Up 0.01(7.67%) 2:13PM

Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS)


MMJ stocks aren't going away....CBIS is a pure play in the sector....

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