"The challenge today is not so much about 

finding interested investors as it is about being 'investment ready'and prepared to engage with them. You only get one shot"  

Robert Hokin,

Chief Executive


What we do


GREENBACKERS™ specialises in raising ­finance, especially equity funding, for low-carbon, cleantech and climate change businesses.

Raising capital from the right investors on competitive terms is a key strategic issue facing all growing companies.

GREENBACKERS™ has extensive knowledge of active, sector-focused investors in Europe, North America and Asia, which we leverage to help our clients find the best shareholders for their businesses.

We primarily work with companies who have established and proven track-records, as an ‘insourced’ part of their team, by connecting them with our established, diverse and qualified network of funders active in the sector. 

GREENBACKERS™ principle work is managing the lifecycle of the fundraising process: identifying, engaging and introducing the right funding partner(s) to the client’s management team.

This enables our clients to maintain a clear focus on operating their business during the fundraising cycle.

Who we know


GREENBACKERS™ Investment Capital works with over 2000 funding sources covering equity, debt, asset and mezzanine finance:

  • Corporate Venture Funds

  • Technology VC’s

  • Impact Investors

  • Single and multi-Family offices and UHNWIs

  • Angel Syndicates and Individual Angel Investors

  • Asset Finance and specialist funders

  • Government Funds which direct or co-invest with private funds

We are specialists working exclusively in the low carbon, cleantech and climate change sector. GREENBACKERS™ Investment Capital has a deep understanding of what today's investors look for when qualifying funding opportunities. We pride ourselves in helping businesses - large or small - to unlock and access venture and growth capital.



GREENBACKERS™ serves a wide range of clients  - from project developers building renewable infrastructure to cutting-edge technology companies with ambitious growth plans. We are well positioned to assist in raising funds, helping commercialise technology or developing international partners. 






With so many different types and sources of funds, it is critical to approach the right ones at the right time - at GREENBACKERS™ we take great care in understanding who is funding what. Since 2010, ​GREENBACKERS™ has coached over 400 low carbon,cleantech and climate change businesses in getting ready to pitch for investment.

​Growth Capital for LOW CARBON, CLEANTECH & CLIMATE change


Private Equity 

Asset Finance

Specialist FundS 

Who we work with 


GREENBACKERS™ primarily focuses on start-ups, emerging and scaling-up technology companies and project developers looking to commercialise & optimise their capital raising strategies.

Typical fund-raises for companies and projects range from £500k to £20m. 

GREENBACKERS™ clients include:

Start-up and early stage clean technology companies seeking capital and/or strategic partners/investors

Project developers focussed on low carbon, cleantech and climate change

Investors and funds seeking investment opportunities

Multinational corporations pursuing acquisition / divestment strategies

We spend considerable time engaging with our investor network and take great pride in our industry-wide reputation for integrity.