• Fund focus: cleantech innovation, climate change and circular economy technology.
  • Average investment size: Investment appetite will depend on funds we raise over a twelve months period but initially £25,000 to £100,000, more as Fund exposure increases.
  • What we prize: initial revenue generation, capital efficiency and well-established business models based on selling a product or service. Revenue generating, or very close to sales
  • We are NOT interested in companies that:
    • burn money to grow quickly
    • are building lifestyle businesses
    • are using funds to prove that the technology concept works
    • ​property development
  • UK SEIS/EIS preassurance from HMRC must currently be in place to be considered

It is today's innovation in sustainability which will set the stage for tomorrow’s great businesses, bringing opportunities that will produce strong financial returns for The Fund’s investors. Investors  in the Greenbackers CleanTech Fund are offered the prospect of strong capital growth whilst, at the same time,  accessing multiple and highly attractive income and capital gains tax reliefs, in addition to the green credentials of the investment offering.

We welcome co-investment orientated funders who may wish to lead or follow us into exceptional growth opportunities in cleantech and related sectors.

The Fund identifies, seeks out and engages with exceptional growth opportunities, investing and developing each selected company’s growth and exit potential - helping to build a new generation of cleantech businesses and technologies that provide products and services which not only cuts the costs of sustainability but improves people’s lives.

Master Filter Website

The Greenbackers Cleantech Fund offers private investors a range of exciting, ethically and environmentally sound investment opportunities – using both Seed EIS and main EIS tax reliefs in a varied, regulated fund portfolio of emerging CleanTech companies.

Some details and answers to frequent questions:

The Greenbackers CleanTech Investment Fund is presented in collaboration with Innvotec.

Current Investments

Emsol website

Master Filter manufactures Dual Flow Filtration Systems (oil filtration) for use on all types of fluid power applications including marine and wind turbines.

Investment in clean technology companies with the right technical approaches and business models, the right teams and the right capitalisation pays off, which is why we are pleased and excited to invite you to participate.

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Enian's technology-enabled platform makes early-stage renewable energy deals accessible to mainstream investors.

Cost Effective Smart Ventilation Control. Reduces underfloor humidity and heat loss in the home.

The Greenbackers Cleantech FunD

EIS/SEIS specialist fund Investing in UK companies

 As well as conducting later stage fund-raises, we also manage The Greenbackers Cleantech Fund, in partnership with Innvotec Ltd, FCA regulated Alternative Investment Fund Managers.

This Fund is an SEIS/EIS program focused on cleantech growth opportunities. 

Enians website

EMSOL is the first data focused 'Emissions as a Service' offering. Enabling reductions in road transport pollution.

GSGs Website
Airex Website

Green Sea Guard builds and supplies equipment that monitors the emissions of ship engines in real time. 

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