An ambitious developer, owner and operator of a fast, future-proof, electric vehicle charging network covering all areas of Scotland driven by a firm government commitment to decarbonise transport.

Seeking £3m (EIS pre-assured) 

Cost Effective Smart Ventilation Control. Reduces underfloor humidity and heat loss in the home.

Seeking £500k-(EIS pre-assured) 

Emsol website

Energy Efficiency as a managed service, focusing on the student accommodation sector. Smart algorithms match energy use to students’ behaviour to reduce overall cost of energy, minimise onsite utilities and reduce maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Seeking £150k (EIS pre-assured)

Built and operated the UK’s first commercial aquaponic vertical farm in London, and now scaling the business to meet the challenge of a post-Brexit economy. 

Seeking £750k (EIS pre-assured) 

Master Filter Website

Award winning MacRebur uses up millions of tons of waste plastic in landfill sites - to make roads stronger, longer lasting and pot hole free.

​Seeking £2m (EIS pre-assured) 


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Enians website

EMSOL is the first data focused 'Emissions as a Service' offering. Enabling reductions in road transport pollution.

Seeking £450k (EIS pre-assured)

Airex Website

Entomics have developed the world's first commercial insect rearing unit for on-site production of live larvae feed for poultry. 

Seeking £300k (EIS-preassured)

Master Filter manufactures Dual Flow Filtration Systems (oil filtration) for use on all types of fluid power applications including marine and wind turbines.

Seeking £1m (EIS pre-assured)

GSGs Website

Green Sea Guard builds and supplies equipment that monitors the emissions of ship engines in real time. 

Seeking £1m (EIS pre-assured) 

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Enian's technology-enabled platform makes early-stage renewable energy deals accessible to mainstream investors.

Seeking £500k (EIS pre-assured)