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Engenie is a London based startup whose vision is to make clean transport a reality within this decade. Situated firmly at the forefront of EV charging technology, their multi-standard ABB rapid chargers are strategically located in city centres and near major trunk routes, providing the most reliable and convenient charging solution for all EV drivers.

£4.75m B round has now completed. Find out more about the company here:

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Kite Power Systems (KPS) 

One of world’s leading developers of advanced Airborne Wind Energy (AWE), KPS technology operates in environments where traditional wind turbines cannot. They are now inviting additional investor(s) to participate alongside existing investors, including Shell and E.ON. 

Currently in their A2 round of investment, seeking £3.5M to match funding from current investors 

Bombora Wave Power

Bombora is developing mWave, a 1.5 Megawatt (MW) device that converts wave energy into lowcost, clean electricity. Australian founded, they have based their operations in the south of Wales at Pembroke Dock. The region offers good access to experienced marine energy staff, critical supply chain capability and marine operations expertise, enabling Bombora to strengthen its team and ramp up operations to commercialise the mWaveTM technology..

Currently in their A2 round of investment, seeking £6m

Naked Energy

An award winning company specialising in solar technology and energy conservation. The company has developed ‘Virtu’ ® a revolutionary and patented hybrid solar panel that generates electricity, heat and chilling for commercial and industrial applications.

Having completed a £1m A round, seeking

£2.0m (EIS pre-assured)