The Greenbackers Cleantech Fund offers private investors a range of exciting, ethically and environmentally sound investment opportunities – using both Seed EIS and main EIS tax reliefs in a varied, regulated fund portfolio of emerging CleanTech companies.

To apply to us for funding your company should have:

The Greenbackers CleanTech Investment Fund is presented in collaboration with Innvotec.

  • A differentiated cleantech or related product or service business model with strong scaleup potential.
  • A UK registered place of business.
  • A trading status - though not necessarily generating revenue, you should be near to doing so
  • A completed business plan, including detailed financial projections for at least three years
  • A clear idea of how much you want to raise, with a minimum of £100,000.
  • HMRC Pre-approval for the EIS or SEIS scheme.
  • An established and qualified leadership team.

It is today's innovation in sustainability which will set the stage for tomorrow’s great businesses, bringing opportunities that will produce strong financial returns for The Fund’s investors. Investors  in the Greenbackers CleanTech Fund are offered the prospect of strong capital growth whilst, at the same time,  accessing multiple and highly attractive income and capital gains tax reliefs, in addition to the green credentials of the investment offering.

Investment in clean technology companies with the right technical approaches and business models, the right teams and the right capitalisation pays off, which is why we are pleased and excited to invite you to participate.

We welcome co-investment orientated funders who may wish to lead or follow us into exceptional growth opportunities in cleantech and related sectors.

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The Fund will identify, seek out and engage exceptional growth opportunities, investing and developing each selected company’s growth and exit potential and seeks to help build a new generation of cleantech businesses and technologies that provide products and services which not only cut the costs of sustainability but potentially improve people’s lives.

Greenbackers are sector specialists in funding for low-carbon, cleantech and climate change related businesses. We conduct fundraising on behalf of our clients and also manage investee applicants for
The Greenbackers CleanTech Fund


The Greenbackers Cleantech FunD

An EIS/SEIS specialist fund for UK companies