Celtic Renewables

Celtic Renewables has patented a process technology which converts biological waste material into biochemicals and biofuel to supply competitively priced, sustainable alternatives to the same products derived from fossil fuel. This direct displacement will cut carbon emissions, and the full-scale deployment of the technology will have a significant and positive impact on the environment. The technology is a highly innovative adaptation of a fermentation producing a mixture of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE).  The global markets for these commodities is each worth many US$ billions and forecast to grow by 4-5% per annum for the foreseeable future. Currently in A round of investment, seeking £1m - £3m with £17m already committed. Find out more here http://conta.cc/2gL1Xmp


Naked Energy

Naked Energy Ltd is an award winning British design and innovation company specialising in solar technology and energy conservation. The company is developing ‘Virtu’ ® a revolutionary and patented hybrid solar panel that generates both electricity and heat for commercial and industrial applications.

Currently in B round of investment, they are seeking £3.0M Find out more here: http://conta.cc/2qwArLV



Engenie is a London based startup whose vision is to make clean transport a reality within this decade. Situated firmly at the forefront of EV charging technology, their multi-standard ABB rapid chargers are strategically located in city centres and near major trunk routes, providing the most reliable and convenient charging solution for all EV drivers.

Currently in B round of investment, seeking £4.0M + TBD asset finance. Find out more here: http://conta.cc/2tlCWyS


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Bluetector AG

Based in Lucerne, Switzerland Bluetector is a Cleantech company that has developed a novel inexpensive biological treatment process for wastewater with high concentrations of COD, nitrogen and phosphorus. A patent has been issued to Bluetector for its new wastewater treatment system, the BlueBox Ultra.The BlueBox Ultra has been developed to treat problematic wastewaters with high levels of pollutants and nutrients, such as pig manure or wastewater from mobile toilet cabins.

Currently in the B round, Bluetector is seeking $1.0M equity + $12.5M asset finance)- Find out more here:  http://conta.cc/2shjjHL


Our Portfolio of Current Fundraises

Green Running  

London based early-growth B2B2C business, sells ‘super-smart’ metering through utilities and insurance companies for domestic demand side AI and response for big data (value to retailers, grid/network operators and housing/care organisations). Green Runnings flagship product/service is called Verv®, providing real time information about individual home electric appliances consumption, performance and operating cost.  

Currently in B Round Investment: £2M as part of a £4m round (an existing investor has verbally committed to follow-on and £500k+ will be raised via Crowdcube) Find out more here:

Our Power

Our Power is a new energy supply company established by Scottish social housing providers who want to make the energy industry work better for the residents and communities they serve. Our Power aims to reduce heat and fuel costs by passing benefits from the energy sector to our communities.
Currently in C round of investment, seeking £6m up to £15m in debt finance 6-10 years.

Find out more here http://conta.cc/2uNLnDV


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