Solar Thermal Tri-generation

Some of the great Companies we support

helping them reach their next level of valuation

and impact

Converts plastic waste into valuable hydrocarbon products. Seeking £8m-£10m (EIS pre-assured) 

Patented ceramic turbine technology for Distributed Power and Fast Charging EV. 

Seeking £3m-£4.5m. (EIS pre-assured)

KPS - Kite Power Systems

Smart Ventilation Control reducing home heat loss.

Seeking £500k-(EIS pre-assured) 

Commercial insect/larvae feed for poultry. Seeking £300k (EIS-preassured)

Advanced patented oil filtration for marine and wind turbines. Seeking £1m (EIS pre-assured

Round now open

£3m Series A

Enians website

Aquaponic vertical farms 

Seeking £750k (EIS pre-assured

£1m Completion 

Private Equity placement

IoT for performance improvements in district heating systems. Seeking £750k-£1.0m, EIS pre-assured. 

Round opening shortly

€7m Series C

‘Last Mile ICT’ monitoring and control of renewable energy assets. Seeking £550k (SEIS/EIS pre-assured) 


Forev - EV Charging


Worldwide leader in direct-drive

wave energy systems

Automated energy efficiency solution for commercial premises. Seeking £150k-£300k (SEIS/EIS pre-assured) 

GSGs Website

Secured £2.6M UK Gov't funding for  high power generation and storage technologies.Seeking £.5m seed and £1.5m series A (EIS pre-assured) 

Greenbackers Cleantech Fund Invested

Renewable Energy Software as a Servic for Concentrated Solar Power. Seeking

£300k-£400k (SEIS/EIS pre-assured)

Greenbackers Cleantech Fund Invested

Naked Energy

Active Fund Raises 

Investment Pitch Showcase
Master Filter Website

Fundraise Portfolio 

Airex Website

Service Provider

EV Chargepoint Operator

Platform for early-stage renewables deals.Seeking £500k (EIS pre-assured)

Energy Efficiency as a managed service Seeking £150k (EIS pre-assured)


£5m Completion

Private Equity placement

New type of Microturbine CHP) domestic gas boiler. Seeking £500k (EIS pre-assured) 


Airborne Wind Energy (AWE)

Using waste plastic to make roads stronger. ​Seeking £2m (EIS pre-assured) 

Greenbackers Cleantech Fund Invested

Emsol website

Greenbackers Cleantech Fund Invested

Round now open

£2.6m Series A

C-Power Energy

 'Emissions as a Service' reducing road transport pollution. Seeking £450k (EIS pre-assured)

Greenbackers Cleantech Fund Invested

Materials that disrupt the construction industry. 

Seeking £500k-£750k (SEIS/EIS pre-assured) 


Monitors ship emissions in real time. 

Seeking £1m (EIS pre-assured) 

Service Provider

Scotland based Chargepoint Operator