​Three steps, specifically designed to maximise your positioning to attract investment.

Stage 1. Investment Readiness Audit –  led by one of our consultants with you and your team, encompassing an assessment and evaluation. We will get to know your business, prioritise areas for development and evaluate and review all business and investor facing information, including:

  • Investment Memorandum (IM), Business plan, pitch deck & supporting information*
  • Valuation and investment base case
  • Market and competitor understanding
  • Addressable market for product/service

​​Stage 2: Information review - This stage is where we use the ‘5M module’ to profile your company, reviewing information obtained at the Stage 1 Audit and working with you to address the gaps. Examples of some areas we focus on include: 

How complete is the management team?
Do they have deep sector knowledge?
How will the team market and sell their product?
Do you understand your addressable market clearly in terms of size, trends and gaps? How can you evidence this?
Your value proposition: how/why it compels potential customers to choose your product or service over a competitor’s. Strategic partnerships critical to your success or competitive advantage.
Your pre-money valuation. How will you use investor’s funds to increase the value of your business and reach a successful exit? What is the path to monetisation?

What traction does the business have? How is it moving forward to reach pre-defined goals that create value or mitigate risk?

Stage 3. Feedback - fine tuning and of the Opportunity Note, Investor Presentation, Investment Memorandum and Financial Forecast that you have prepared based on Stage 2 – ensuring they are fit for purpose. 

Programme Cost:  
£4485 plus VAT*.  Our commitment to you is a 3 month engagement, breaks can be built in between stages if your business needs require them.

*Monthly invoicing is available @ £1644.50/month for the programme duration, subject to credit approval.  Financial support may be offered by certain central or local government agencies. Travel and incidental expenses may apply and will be determined and agreed in advance, to be paid by the client within 14 days of submission.

Greenbackers works with investors every day. We understand them and we bring our insights to you. We provide the one-on-one support that will help you get investment-ready faster, working with you to develop the key tools and materials essential to every successful fundraise:

The Opportunity Note: an executive summary of the business, raise and offering.

An Investor Presentation: your pitch deck for face to face presentations and demos.

The Investment Memorandum: a full investment document which details product, markets, the problem and solution, financials and plans and how the business will scale and achieve milestones that will ultimately lead to a successful exit.

The Financial Forecast: a well-documented set of financial projections, including valuation and dilution, that are not only compelling but also logical and defensible.​


The Greenbackers Investment Academy

your pathway to raising finance - a Hands-on Programme That Gets Results


​Pitching without the right preparation wastes investor’s valuable time and money and it wastes yours. Funders see dozens, potentially hundreds, of pitch presentations a year. They expect potential investees to clearly, concisely and professionally articulate where their business is currently, where it wants to go and how it’s going to get there. Nothing less will do.


How We Work: 3 stages

Securing growth capital is a challenge for every company. It is more than simply meeting investors: successfully raising investment takes time, focus and preparation.

You need to make an impact.

Helping You to Make an Impact