We welcome all services providers, regional and national accelerators, incubators and others to  nominate cleantech, low-carbon and green economy companies that they have been working with and become our Support Partners.

Opportunity to co-invest alongside £2.6M secured UK Government funding to take high power generation and storage technologies prototypes & designs to monetisable IP and early product sales . Pre-revenue. ​

Seeking £0.5M seed and £1.5M series A (EIS pre-assured) 

KPS is at the forefront of developing a new airborne wind powered (AWE) generation system that will deliver clean, low cost electricity at utility scale.​ Pre-revenue. 

Seeking £2.6m alongside existing investment from Shell, E.on and Scottish Government. (EIS pre-assured) 

Presenting businesses are EIS/SEIS pre-assured, in addition to the green credentials of the investment offering.

Around 30 serious investors attend every session, all focused on the sector and seeking to talent-spot market ready ‘up and comers’.

* EIS/SEIS Tax Funds and VCTs
* Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Firms
* Business Angels and Syndicates
* Family Offices and Impact Investors
* Government Funds including Aid & Development        Funds

“Very well put together. The process, organization, and follow up strategies are something I wish more pitch events put in place! I look forward to attending more of these.” Evan Cummings, Investment Manager, Centrica Ventures

Support Partners have the option of becoming Sponsors and provide Value in Kind support to the Entrepreneurs joining the program.


This is an exceptional opportunity to promote your brand to serious, sector-specific investors and entrepreneurs attending. 

Contact Robert Hokin for more information. ​​

Our Support Partners

sponsoring the October Pitch!  

The Greenbackers Investment Pitch

present your business to Greenbackers and up to 30 other funders for direct Investment

For Entrepeneurs

Recycling Technologies converts plastic waste into valuable hydrocarbon products using innovative modular recycling technology. Pre-Revenue. 

Seeking £8m-£10m (EIS pre-assured)

Around 30 investors typically attend.  

 Lunch is provided and there is ample time for entrepreneurs to meet with the investors attending. 

Pitches take place twice yearly, just 10 companies are selected to present at each session.

Not a 'hit and run' affair. Greenbackers follows up robustly with all attending investors post-event.


Minibems (Mini Building & Energy Management Systems) has developed an IoT based solution designed for delivering performance improvements in buildings that have district heating systems.
Seeking £750K-£1.0m, £250k committed (EIS pre-assured) 

For Investors

The Pitch that Makes the Difference: This by-invitation programme guarantees exposure to active, pre-qualified investors with a proven interest in cleantech businesses. 

Has developed a cloud-based, SaaS wireless energy automation solution for energy efficiency and flexibility in commercial premises. Post-revenue, pre-profit. Seeking £150k-£300k (SEIS/EIS pre-assured) 

For Support Partners/Accelerators

Presenting Companies from the April 2019 Pitch!

Award-winning company developing & commercialising materials solutions that disrupt the conventional construction industry. Post-revenue, pre-profit.

Seeking £500k-£750k (SEIS/EIS pre-assured)

When: Twice yearly 9:00am-1:30pm (includes lunch)  

Next Pitches: November, 2019 / May, 2020

 Where: Scotland House, 58 Victoria Embankment,

London, EC4Y 0DS.   

Connected Energy develops smart and tailored ‘Last Mile ICT’ products that allow monitoring and control of renewable energy assets. Pre-Revenue.

Seeking £550k (£250k committed, SEIS/EIS pre-assured) 

IPG is developing patented ceramic turbine technology–an energy-efficient, low-cost, ultra-low emission, decentralised power solution, with >50% electrical efficiency in stackable modules from 100 kW-20MW+, for Distributed Power and Fast Charging EV. Founder investment to date c.£4m.

Seeking £3m-£4.5m. EIS pre-assured (Knowledge Intensive Co).

Developed a new type of combined heat and power (CHP) domestic gas boiler based on new micro gas turbine technology. Pre-Revenue.

Seeking £500k-£1.0m (EIS pre-assured) 

Renewable Energy Software as a Service business suppling solutions for Concentrated Solar Power. Pre-Revenue.

Seeking £300k-£400k (SEIS/EIS pre-assured)

​Commitments in place.

For active direct investors, this is a great way to meet with eight market-ready cleantech businesses in a highly conducive environment.

The selected companies (up to 10 are chosen by Greenbackers to present) are also pitching for investment from The Greenbackers Cleantech Fund and seeking potential co-investment from other funders attending.

An exceptional opportunity to present your company to serious, sector-specific investors and the Greenbackers Team.

Apply now to secure your spot.

“The room was completely full, with solid and relevant investors and appropriate other companies also pitching. It didn't take up the whole day or drag on any longer than needed so every minute we spent there was extremely valuable.”Richard Tolley, Grid Duck, April 2019 Presenter

Costs to Companies:
There is no charge to apply
£495 for companies selected & offered a pitch slot (2 delegates per company may attend)

A wholly contingent success fee of 4% is charged on funds raised via the Greenbackers investor network
VAT is charged at the standard rate on all fees.